St. Margaret's

401 S Marian Street

Colwich, Kansas 67030

We are located inside Colwich Elementary School.

However, please do NOT call the school's phone number. 

Mon-Fri 6am-6pm

316-866-3000 (then dial extension)


Infants - 2434

Toddlers - 2433

Little Learners - 2440

School Age/Office - 2441



Suzanne Ungles

Phone: 316-640-9921

Email: sue.stmargarets@yahoo.com



Kaitlyn Stockemer

Phone: 316-641-9562

Email: kaitlyn.stmargarets@yahoo.com




You can find us at 401 S Marian Street in Colwich, Kansas. We occupy a few of the new classrooms in the west wing of Colwich Elementary School. 


Please note that if you need to reach us - it is important to call our staff - NOT the Colwich Elementary School receptionists. We are two separate entities and we appreciate your diligence to ensure proper communication.