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Our Curriculum and Learning Philosophy

Our weekly lesson plans incorporate themed activities that encourage exploration, spark problem solving, prompt curiosity, foster discovery, build confidence and inspire a loving relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. St. Margaret's curriculum aims to align with the Kansas State Standards for Kindergarten to readily prepare our students for future elementary success and beyond. Our educational program includes weekly lesson plans incorporating the following: 

  • Language Arts and Mathematics

  • Social Development

  • Science, Social Studies, and Health

  • Fine and Gross Motor Development

  • Art and Music Education

  • Christian Faith Based Learning

We believe that children learn best through a combination of play and structure. By balancing teacher directed activities with child selected activities, active time with quiet time, and structured learning with free play and time for socialization, we hope to build a strong educational foundation for each child that walks through our doors. Additionally, our teachers are trained to recognize each student's unique skills, abilities, and interests. We do our best to keep the children engaged in the learning process and make things exciting! Stay up to date with our teacher newsletters which cover important announcements, weekly themes, detailed activities, projects, and learning goals. 

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